DME Services

At Orthocare Solutions, we are able to provide DME services to include but not limited to:

DME Consign (Stock & Bill)

  • Patient Care – the quality of care for the patient is improved because necessary items are in stock, removing delays for immediate patient care.
  • Economy – the facility will reduce to purchase DME, saving money.
  • Efficiency – with products available on consignment OCS works directly with patients and their insurance company for DME purchase and payment.
  • Staff Training – OCS will train your facility staff on bracing, fitting, and all customized DME processes. OCS will also provide continuing education courses including industry updates.
  • Inventory Management – The use of DME Inventory Management software will help prevent out-of-stock conditions.

DME Demand

  • On-Site DME Staffing – certified OCS clinicians are available 24/7 for custom fittings and any necessary device adjustments.
  • Patient Compliance – do one-on-one customized fittings and education, and patient compliance is improved.
  • Facility Length of Stay – patient duration in your facility will be reduced, thus providing significant savings.
  • Discharge Efficiency & Follow-up Care – adjustments when necessary are provided at any of our four convenient locations within the DC-Maryland-Virginia metro area.