Orthocare Solutions is a veteran-owned small business serving the Washington, DC and Baltimore metro areas. Four separate locations offer customized orthotics, prosthetics, and durable medical equipment to patients of all ages.

For more than 20 years, their staff of highly trained technicians has dedicated themselves to offering the latest technology and treatments in order to restore body function and improve the quality of life of the patients in their care. 

Orthocare Solutions wants nothing more than to deliver the necessary tools to ensure their customers live full and active lives, whether it’s a prosthetic device to replace a missing limb or an orthotic to improve function.

Trusted & Certified

Patient Reviews

Todd is the most diligent prosthetist I have ever worked with. He met with me and arranged peer counseling prior to my scheduled below-the-knee amputation. He was attentive and available immediately after my surgery – helping me adapt to the nuisances of living life as an amputee. Years after the surgery, he was still always available to make adjustments, create new legs, and whatever it took to get me to lead an active, healthy life. Todd helped me overcome my “disability” by opening my eyes to all the new “abilities” that technology has to offer. Thanks in large part to Todd, I am healthier and more active now than at any other time in my life.
David Fred has been wonderful!!!! He is very personable, experienced, and extremely knowledgeable not just about feet, but how your feet affect the whole body. He has been a blessing to me! I will be getting my orthotics from him from now on. Plus, the orthotics are reasonably priced too. NOT LIKE OTHERS!