Client Testimonials

The professionalism and care to detail offered by Orthocare Solutions and provided on a very personal basis, has had a major positive impact on my life with respect to combating the neuropathy affecting both of my feet. The neuropathy had previously been treated through the use of Ritchie braces (prescribed by a foot and ankle specialist), which did provide relatively effective relief with regard to support for walking and other activities. Over the years, the effectiveness of those braces gradually diminished, resulting in added stress on my hips and knees. The new braces designed specifically for me by Orthocare Solutions have allowed me to walk in an almost completely normal manner and without that dangerous downside. I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to Orthocare Solutions by my orthopedist.

— Peter P.


David Fred has been wonderful!!!! He is very personable, experienced, and extremely knowledgeable not just about feet, but how your feet affect the whole body. He has been a blessing to me! I will be getting my orthotics from him from now on. Plus, the orthotics are reasonably priced too. NOT LIKE OTHERS!

— Eugene P.


Personal service and quality of braces. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

— Stuart P.


Very knowledgable and efficient service.

— Mishawn E.


Todd is the most diligent prosthetist I have ever worked with. He met with me and arranged peer counseling prior to my scheduled below-the-knee amputation. He was attentive and available immediately after my surgery – helping me adapt to the nuisances of living life as an amputee. Years after the surgery, he was still always available to make adjustments, create new legs, and whatever it took to get me to lead an active, healthy life. Todd helped me overcome my “disability” by opening my eyes to all the new “abilities” that technology has to offer. Thanks in large part to Todd, I am healthier and more active now than at any other time in my life.

— B. Sloan


I’ve worked with several DME suppliers over the years, and I would rank Orthocare Solutions as the most responsive and creative DME supplier I’ve worked with. Orthocare Solutions helped us better analyze our DME business and provided insights and solutions tailored to our patients and physicians, always keeping patient satisfaction as a top priority. I would recommend Orthocare Solutions to any practice wanting grow their DME business in a responsible way.

— E. H.

Orthopedic Practice Administrator

I have been an above-the-knee amputee for 34 of the 35 years of my life. I have worked with over 25 prosthetists, and have come to accept that creating a comfortable and highly efficient prosthesis is extremely difficult to pull off. Todd Sleeman made me the perfect prosthesis. I call it my “Superman” leg. It actually made me forget, at times, that I was wearing a piece of machinery. Never has another prosthetist even come close to achieving such a perfect combination of comfort and high functionality as Todd did.

But his ability to create extremely high-quality prosthetic legs for his patients pales in comparison to his capacity to create meaningful relationships with them. His compassion, sense of calm, and witty humor combine to put his patients in an emotional state ideal for producing a positive outcome, and I am both extremely blessed and grateful for having the opportunity to work with him.

— D. Albrycht


I have always been athletic and on-the-move, but the last few years a chronic plantar fasciitis condition in my right heel had made social outings and events miserable. I got injections, did exercises, iced my heel and foot, wore shoe inserts, even slept in a device that held my foot in a flexed position, and still no relief.

But here’s the good news: almost all of my symptoms and pain have gone since I began wearing the orthotics designed just for my feet by David Fred. I now walk every day for an hour, and also take classes at my gym several times a week. I highly recommended David to friends who run marathons, because his product works! And he cares about the assistance and relief he provides – you’re not just another account with him. I urge anyone with similar foot pain to consider making an appointment, and get started on a painless foot path!

— P. Brueggemann