Enhance your patient relationship with

Stock & Supply (PWSS)

At Orthocare Solutions, our ultimate goal is to improve the well being of the patient. We constantly revisit our approach to providing our top-of-the-line supplies and products to our customers. To that end, we have created the ability for you to have first-class on-site inventory, which enhances the Best Patient Care Practices you provide.


Our signature Patient-Wellness Stock & Supply (PWSS) program provides you, the medical care professional, with everything you need to give your patient the greatest care, in-house.


  • High quality, rehabilitative medical devices stocked in your office
  • A highly trained Orthocare Solutions expert on hand for measurements and custom fittings
  • The assurance that you offer the Best Patient Care Practices possible
  • Removes the stress and hassle from your already suffering patients


PWSS was created with not only the patient, but with healthcare practitioners, in mind. With on-site inventory and an Orthocare Solutions professional, you stay informed of your patient’s care without the hassle of follow-up emails and phone calls – all will be conducted within your own walls.

Interested in learning more about how Patient-Wellness Stock & Supply can benefit your practice? Contact us today!