Product Warranty Info

Orthocare Solutions warranties all “off-the-shelf” or prefabricated devices in accordance to the manufacturer’s warranty. Please refer to information included in the packaging literature/instructions.

Orthocare Solutions warranties all “custom” products and devices for One Hundred and Eighty (180) days from the date of delivery, providing the device or product is properly utilized and cared for in accordance with Orthocare Solutions’ use, care, and fitting instructions.

A product or device is NOT returnable if:

  • The device/product has been personalized in anyway.
  • Alterations or adjustments made by anyone other than a practitioner of Orthocare Solutions.
  • The device/product has been excessively worn, used or soiled at discretion of Orthocare Solutions.

Warranty is defined as replacement of the original product or device with the same or similar product/device, or repair of the existing product to “like-new” condition at no cost to the consumer or beneficiary.