Orthotic Care

Do you carry my brace and is it possible to get it the same day as my appointment?
We carry do some items, but we also fabricate custom orthotics. Your physician will recommend which style is best for you, considering factors like activity level and medical condition. In addition, if we do not have your size, pre-fabricated items may still need to be ordered. Also, some insurance companies require pre-authorization, which can delay delivery. Custom devices are fabricated based on measurements and impression of the affected limb and therefore providing a custom device requires more than 1 visit.

Can I wear my knee brace on the outside of my pants?
We recommend that most orthotics be worn on the skin, as they are more likely to function properly and stay in the position when worn this way. A special knee sleeve is available to wear under the brace, to avoid direct skin contact, if you choose.

Can I drive with my brace?
Driving with a brace on the driving foot is not recommended. These devices make it more difficult to “feel” the pedals and may restrict range of motion at the ankle. Your OCS clinician will help you find a local vendor that can perform necessary automobile modifications so you can continue to drive safely.

How do I clean my device?
Most devices can be cleaned with soap and water or rubbing alcohol. You will be provided with specific cleaning instructions upon delivery of your device.

What do I do if my device is bothering me once I get home?
If there is any skin breakdown, discontinue use immediately. Then, contact our office and ask to speak with your OCS clinician.

How often will I have to see my clinician?
Follow-ups will be scheduled for you at your delivery appointment and will vary, depending on the service you received.

Why do I need a personal visit with a doctor for diabetic shoes & diabetic inserts?
Federal regulation requires a physician to follow a patient’s diabetic management program in order for Medicare to consider coverage of diabetic footwear and inserts. They put this rule in place to make sure patients are being seen for their diabetes on a regular basis. Unfortunately, it must be an MD (Medical Doctor) or DO (Doctor of Osteopathy) who decides what product is best for you.