General Office Visit Questions

Do I need an appointment?
We recommend you make an appointment to ensure there is a clinician available to see you. Walk-ins are welcome but you may encounter a wait or be asked to make an appointment if our clinicians’ are over-scheduled seeing other patients that day.

May I reschedule an appointment?
Absolutely. Please call as soon as you know you will be unable to make the appointment and we will be happy to reschedule.

Do I need to go to your office for my appointment?
Yes, at this time, our OSC clinicians are unable to make home visits.

How long are the appointments?
When you call to schedule, ask for an appointment time estimate. Timing will depend on the type of service you need.

Why do we need to sign an ABN?
Medicare and selected other insurances require us to notify you ahead of time, in writing, when a device won’t be covered. This is to protect you and to make you aware of any financial responsibility on your part.

Do I need a prescription?
Insurance companies require a prescription for Orthotic and Prosthetic services. We must also follow certain standards in order to remain an accredited facility. We are required to provide patient care according to prescription.

Can you get all my paperwork for me?
Whatever paperwork exists, is directly related to your visit and should be acquired by you. We can certainly request information from your physician, but we receive it far more quickly when the patient calls and requests it.

Can you call my doctor and tell him what you want?
The physician must let us know what they recommend for you. They may possibly consult with our clinician.

Why is my device so expensive?
The amount billed for a service is based on many things: evaluation time, the casting and measurement process, fitting appointments, cost of materials, and any follow up appointments needed to ensure the proper fit of each device.

Insurance said everything would be covered, why am I getting a bill?
Insurance companies cover items by applying your benefits to an item/service. The insurance company then pays a percentage of the billed amount after applying your deductible amount. You will then owe the balance, according to the terms of your insurance coverage.

Will my item be covered by insurance?
We do our best to check to make sure your items are coverable by you insurance. There are, however, some items that insurance never covers; we do our best to let you know this up front. You may call your insurance provider ahead of time to find out whether your item is covered.

Will my device be covered by Medicare?
Medicare coverage is specific to your diagnosis. For more information, please call Medicare Member Services at 1-800-Medicare or visit As an OCS patient, feel free to call us – we are always here to answer questions.

What if my condition is related to a work comp claim or an auto accident?
Claims such as this are subject to review by a third party liability payer. You will need to provide us with your work comp or auto adjuster information so we may contact them for approval.

May I get more than one pair of shoes?
This is dependent on your insurance coverage and what your physician requested. Please contact your insurance company to find out about your coverage. If your insurance does not cover additional pairs, you may pay cash.